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10 Reasons running is good for business

The end of month is already in sight. As January is typically the busiest month for people to review their fitness regimes and healthy eating, I’m keen to share with you my reasons why I believe running is good, not just for your health but for your business too.

  1. Great for team building – if you’re new to running you may prefer to run as part of a club or with other runners of a similar ability. This encourages team building and gives you a drive to get better.
  2. It’s free – this has to be one of the best things about running – it’s FREE! Just put on your trainers and you’re away. Again if running alone isn’t your thing, why not find your local Park Run, which is again completely free to do.
  3. It clears your mind – there is nothing like a good run to clear your mind after a hectic day. I don’t think I could survive a week without a run to give me fresh air and a break from my desk.
  4. Fewer absences – it’s proven that a healthy workforce is more productive, and running is a great place to start to reduce a whole number of ailments, including weight loss, risk of bone disease and cancer.
  5. Helps you sleep better – another great advantage of running! In a culture where we are constantly accessible, running provides time for a complete break.
  6. Gives you an opportunity to enter events as a team – there are some brilliant running events in the UK, with Chester Half Marathon which is coming up in May being one of them. So go on get yourself and your team mates fit so you can enter one and raise money for your chosen charity.
  7. Boosts moral – although the thought of going for a run might fill you with dread, once you get into it you will love it, I promise! There is nothing like the feeling you get having completed a good run, especially an outdoor run during the winter months when you are otherwise confined to be indoors.
  8. It helps your mood – if you’ve had a particularly bad day, you might feel like reaching for the wine rather than running but it’s guaranteed to make you feel better!
  9. Gives you time to think – it can be hard to find time to think during your working day and sometimes coming up with ideas can feel quite forced. I find my best ideas come to me when I’m running, just make sure you write them down quickly when you get back so you don’t forget them!
  10. It puts business principles into practice – As with any business plan, having a realistic target and sensible timescale in which to achieve it is key. For example, having three or four months to prepare for a 10k is achievable. Entering teams into a business challenge is great for all concerned.

“I really regret that run – said no one ever!”