2015 Marketing Predictions


Web Designer

2015 is bound to be an exciting year for marketing and digital. None of us really know what the next year will hold but here are some of our predictions.


2014 has been all about content, we predict it will be more important than ever next year. Talk to anyone in marketing and they’ll tell you that whilst we’ll still be creating content there is likely to be a shift in emphasis from quantity to quality. Our tips for next year – make sure your content is engaging and useful, it should feel human and humour is going to be key to getting noticed this year.


There is such a proliferation of content out there that the challenge is to get noticed. We think this will lead to more visual content, images, infographics and video are all going to be big.


This could be the year that mobile and tablets overtake desktop for internet access. If you haven’t already considered this now is the time to think about whether your website is responsive!

Online reviews

This might depend what sector you are in but online reviews are not going away anytime soon. Be aware, respond where appropriate and take action if you can.


As we all continue to embrace technology there is a growing feeling that we also need to make the effort to get back to seeing people face to face. The economy is growing again, marketing budgets are likely to increase. We’re all feeling positive and that is a time for new projects, ideas and collaborations and sometimes nothing beats a cup of tea and a chat to get a new idea of the ground.

Online advertising

Ok this isn’t new but we predict more money will be spent in 2015 on online advertising than ever before.

Wearable technology

We’ve been talking about this for a long time but 2015 might just be the year when we stop talking about it and start wearing it and using it.

Examples that are expected to become popular include everything from glasses that can take pictures, give you directions and send messages to smart watches that do everything your mobile or tablet can.

Proximity technology

With the predicted growth in wearable technology there could be some interesting marketing opportunities utilising proximity technology to really target audiences at the right time and in the right place.

As more people adopt smart watched and other wearable technology we’re likely to see more and more retailers using proximity marketing to send promotional messages and special offers. Using technology like iBeacons and Bluetooth retailers will be able to target consumers who have subscribed to their App, sending tehm push messages based on their location. This will enable them to ensure their marketing messages arrive at just the right moment in just the right location.