4 things to consider when finding the perfect web agency

4 things to consider when finding the perfect web agency


Head of Marketing

The first thing to do when considering commissioning a new website is to think about exactly what you want and why.

Consider the functionality you need and how your customers and prospective customers will use the site. It’s also worth thinking about how you will use and update the site after it goes live. Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, then it is time to start looking at and talking to web agencies.

Here are 4 key things to consider when looking for the perfect web or digital agency to partner with.

Signs of a great web agency


Take a good look at the work the agency has been doing and the type of projects they usually take onboard. Are they similar to what you are looking for? Don’t rule an agency out because most of their projects are different but do use this research to ask relevant questions about their capabilities.


Consider how they will approach the project. Think about how involved you want to be and how much time you have to dedicate to the project.  For some it will be a case of being involved at every stage whilst others might want to outsource and rely on the agency to take full control of the project.  Think about what will work for you and discuss this, for example, do you prefer face to face meetings or weekly phone calls for updates?  If you would like to meet regularly then location might be important too.

A website should always be viewed as an ongoing project.  Yes, there is an initial design and development stage, but what happens next is just as important. Do you have the resources in-house to update and maintain your site? Will your staff need training? Or do you want to consider an agency which can provide ongoing support and manage some or all of your digital marketing for you?

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People and culture

Does the culture of the agency fit? You don’t have to drink the same brand of tea or support the same football team but it certainly helps if you share the same values and ethos. It’s also vital that you are confident your agency understands your business and your aims and objectives.  You should see your agency as a partner, there to support you and your business as it progresses.

Reviews and recommendations

Look at reviews and testimonials from previous and current clients. Don’t be afraid to ask an agency about their clients.  Reach out and speak to clients who have worked with your shortlisted or preferred agency as this should give you a really good insight into what they are like to work with.

Selecting the right web agency isn’t always a quick and easy decision but it is an important one.  Do your research on prospective agencies.  Meet with them and ask lots of questions. The right agency will need to have the capability and experience you are looking for but will also be the one you feel excited about working with!