All that white space

Have you got used to all that white space on Google now they’ve decided to remove all Pay Per Click (PPC) ads from the right hand side bar? Had you even noticed? Ads are now placed in the top 4 and last 3 positions on the page.   This reduces the total number of ads per page from 11 to 7.


How is this change going to affect PPC? Will one of the affects be an increased cost per click (CPC) as competitors battle it out to be in the top 4 slots above the organic search results as opposed to the bottom 3?

The other question is how will the change affect organic rankings? Will those without PPC campaigns become less visible where once before they ranked highly due to strong, focussed search engine optimisation (SEO)? Are these ads going to push them out of view?

We recommend having a good PPC and SEO strategy working side by side, in harmony with one another to keep your rankings high. If you don’t have the budget for PPC campaigns then it’s important to engage with an SEO savvy digital agency to boost your natural rankings.

Watch this ‘white’ space to see how it all pans out.

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