BBC website goes responsive

The BBC has now switched off the desktop version of its website and all user are now being directed to their responsively designed site.

Prior to switching off the desktop version the BBC had been asking users to try the new site, giving them the opportunity to preview it and comment.  Not all the feedback was positive with people stating the new site was “empty” and “too bright”.  However the BBC have clearly done their research and the feedback hasn’t stopped them making the change.

Of course some negative feedback is to be expected when major changes take place and often the initial negative reaction is short lived, some people just don’t like change!  The true test of the impact of their new site will be reflected in their analytics over the next few months.  It is fair to assume that they understand the benefit of one responsive site which works across all devices.  With 65% of all there visitors currently accessing the site on mobile or tablet devices and this percentage likely to increase we’re convinced they’ve made the right move.

They’ve also considered the changes in the way people want to receive news online, the new site gives more prominence to video and loads faster.