Boots No7 Re-Brand

Boots No7 beauty product range, which hit the shelved a few weeks ago has had a re-brand.
The logo has remained unchanged apart from appearing larger and more confident on the packaging, however the idea behind the project was to modernise the aesthetic to appeal to new users whilst not alienating loyal fans of the brand, and at the same time introduce more coherence across sub-categories and help improve product navigation at the point of sale.

The project started in 2008, and the research not only steered elements of the structural packaging design, butĀ also gave us an insight into the way women navigated beauty products in store and at home. They assigned colours to skin types, grouped products into families and ensured that variants such as ‘day’ and ‘night’ were easily distinguishable both in out of their cartons.

The No7 Men range has also received a new look with bright colours distinguishing between various product categories such as Daily Care or Shaving, and the product descriptions are set in uppercase lettering for a bolder, more masculine look.

The design studio also created a series of brand principles on which each of the 70 different brand packaging formats have been based and made a few changes: pewter replaces gold on various brand packs with a range of colours introduced to visually differentiate between products designed for different skin types and product categories.