Why any business can benefit from Social Media


Social Media Executive

In previous years, Social Media was considered by many a passing trend, however, Social Media is now a very useful and essential marketing tool for any business. It’s not going anywhere and it is vastly becoming a crucial part in all of our careers. Depending on your industry, many companies are now being promoted on many online platforms.

Social Media is a great way for networking, growing a bigger client base, getting traffic back to your website and aiding your SEO strategy. For every company engaging with your customers or clients is an important part of your business process.


Social media marketing

It is important to stay involved, keep customers interested and feed them with important information. Social media is sometimes your first point of contact with your customers, it has been found that very often the public now search on any online platform before they go out or chose an organisation. Now over 63% of people use social media for customer service which has proven to be vastly quicker than email message response.

A generation ago it could not be possible to implement brand growth and network opportunities like this. Although there are many issues raised by how business owners view it, social media marketing is almost unavoidable.

With a social media account, you are now making it easier than ever for your customers to find you. Through a daily connection with your clients online you are creating an increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. 53% of people who are connected to an organisation on social platforms have become more loyal.

Social media is about creating a movement online and really interacting with your audience. With over 3 billion internet users and over 2 billion using social media, there is no better time than now to be implementing a social media presence.

Not only can social media generate more business but you can gain valuable customer insights. Behind the social platforms you can generate who your customers are, what attracts them and how they feel about certain posts you have produced.

It’s great because you can see real results on a day to day basis which is only possible through daily active engagement and social interactions.
Having a poorly managed social media account can be worse than having no social account at all. Get in contact today to see how we can improve your social media management.