Choosing your social media platform

Choosing your social media platform


Social Media Executive

Social media is everywhere and it isn’t going away anytime soon. What social media is doing though, is constantly changing and evolving. For business owners, managers and marketers this can be problematic. It requires time and dedication to keep up with the changes that platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn make, as well as creativity to come up with ideas for content to share.

Harnessing the power of social media is a key element of most digital marketing plans, but managing social media can be a huge drain on a business’ time and resources. One of the first things any organisation can do to manage this is carefully consider which social media platforms they should be using.

For some large organisations, a presence on all major platforms may be necessary, but for most businesses it is a question of finding the platform or platforms which are the best fit.

Here are some suggestions on what to consider when deciding which social media to use:


Think about your target audience. Who would you like to engage with? Who are your current customers and which social media do they use? Think about prospective customers and new target markets too. Where will you find the people you want to engage with? If you base your decision on just one factor this is the single most important consideration when selecting your platforms.

Your industry and the competition

For many businesses the industry will dictate the social media platforms that you should be using. For example, if you are in interior design then Instagram and Pinterest are a natural fit. Beauty and fashion businesses will find also Instagram a natural home, Facebook can work brilliantly for these industries too. B2B business might find that LinkedIn offers the best opportunities for them, it is a huge professional network and reportedly gains two new members every second!

Your aims and objectives

What is it that you hope to gain from social media activity? Do you want to engage with existing customers and answer their queries, build on their brand loyalty, or are you aiming to sell to a brand new customer base?

Focusing on what you hope to achieve will help you to select the platforms which are right for your business and will help you to decide where to focus your efforts.

Consider whether you intend to include paid advertising as part of your activity, it can be difficult to build an audience and reach your followers without a budget to support your organic activity.


How much time can you dedicate to social media and what works best on the platforms you are considering? For example, a platform like Instagram is highly visual. If you don’t have time to take relevant photographs or create appealing images then it may not be the right platform for your organisation right now. Alternatively, if Instagram is the perfect fit for your brand then now may be the time to consider appointing an agency to manage it on your behalf or setting aside a budget for photography and design work.

Once you’ve carefully considered these factors you will be in a position to choose the right social media platform for your organisation.

If you feel you still need more guidance or would like support to set-up and manage your social media activity then get in touch to discuss how we could help.