Communication with your customers is key right now

It is a topic that has dominated headlines over the past few weeks, Coronavirus is already having an enormous impact on individuals and businesses across the globe.

With so much uncertainty and worry surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak, it is essential that businesses communicate effectively with customers to keep them updated on how they have been affected and what plans they have over the coming weeks and months to lessen the impact.

No matter what industry you operate in, communicating your continuity plans is essential in order to navigate what is certain to be a tricky few months. So how should you communicate with clients?

First and foremost, you should put together a statement that shows your acknowledgement of the outbreak, and the steps your business is taking to ensure that your business continues to operate in the midst of the pandemic.

Once written this should be distributed to clients in a number of formats, including social media, newsletters and your website.

Google My Business is also actively encouraging companies to update their profile should their business hours be impacted by the outbreak.

If you require any support over the coming weeks and months in communicating with your customers, as well as keeping your digital marketing efforts going in the midst of the pandemic, please get in touch with the team at Entyce.