Creating an award-winning culture

I was recently invited to a Pro-Manchester event, held at the stunningly unconventional Yorkshire Bank’s B Works in Manchester. The guest speaker Claire Smith, Head of Development at Moneypenny, delivered an inspirational talk that aligned very closely with the way we aim to run our business.

B Works

At Entyce, work culture is something we strive to keep positive, motivational and happy for every member of our team. We have invested more and more into work culture over our years of trading, from creating a tangibly (if that is indeed a word!) welcoming space, to offering ‘less tangible’ encouragements and benefits.

If you haven’t already spotted, a few of our team members have just celebrated big anniversaries with us, Paul has been with us over 5 years now and Kerry and Mike are celebrating over 4. We couldn’t be prouder of the team we have.

Our office has grown over the years, and alongside this we are always trying out new interior features. Our latest update was to paint 4 of our walls bright pink and add some ‘dog bottom’ hooks…they look better than they sound.

entyce work culture

Everyone has the freedom to offer ideas for the business, in fact we encourage it. Our weekly catch-up sessions with the whole team are often a time when team members put forward their suggestions, as well as sharing news and personal achievements.  We like to invest in our team with in-house and external training to ensure we are constantly top of our game in the world of digital.

Each year we have vote on which charity we would like to support as a business, and as part of this the team come up with different ways we can raise money, whether it be a sweepstake on the Grand National, running the Chester Half Marathon or climbing Snowdon (currently being considered for this summer).

entyce charity work

Time spent outside of the office is equally important to us, and getting to know the different characters that make up Entyce. You could ask any member of our team, and I’m sure they will all be able to tell you the names of everyone’s pets, and what they are having for tea that night! We also try and get out of the office, and spend time together as a team without the phones ringing, emails pinging and talk of deadlines. Our most recent trip was down at the Go Karting track, a regular venue for our fiercely competitive team (or development team to be more accurate). We have been quad biking, shooting, (unsuccessfully) trying to get out of the escape rooms in Chester, and we often go for an early drink together at the end of the week.

Keeping our team happy, means we have a very low staff turnover…in fact it is almost zero. This keeps our clients happy too, as they have consistency within the team and know who they are liaising with at all times, and have the assurance that their projects are being managed efficiently.

If you want to discuss a particular project or an ongoing partnership, our team will be more than happy to have a chat with you.