Creating great video content in a remote working environment


Marketing Executive

These days, no marketing plan is complete without video content and for good reason. Video has become a crucial aspect to increased audience engagement, and with social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram becoming more and more focused on content of this type, if your business isn’t producing and promoting videos then you could be missing out on a significant proportion of your target audience.

But with many of us now working remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, filming and producing these videos has been made much more difficult. For those not accustomed to creating videos, as well as those without the equipment or software to produce them, the idea can be rather daunting. However, this is the perfect time to get those cameras rolling and engage with your audience on a virtual ‘face to face’ level.

creating video content

So how can you make great videos with your team, from the comfort of your own home? We provide some tips below:

Choose your topic

There are countless topics out there for your videos. Whether that be a Q&A, virtual discussion, an insight into your team’s current ‘office’ life, supporting charitable causes and so much more. You don’t have to have the whole team together to create a great team video, take a look at our example below, celebrating Captain Tom’s 100th birthday.

Utilise your mobile

Many overlook just how great the quality of modern phone cameras is. Although it is not the quality of a professional video camera, your phone camera can be a respectable substitute whilst we all work from home. Furthermore, with many apps out there for editing you can create your entire video all from your mobile.

Use subtitles

As people digest more and more video content on the go, they are less likely to watch with sound. Subtitles are an important part to any video as they ensure that you can still get your message across even if people aren’t viewing it with sound. You can do this manually, or there are apps out there that can add subtitles for you (although we highly recommend you check and double check that they are correct before sharing).


Of course, once you have your video, make the most out of it! Share in on all social platforms, upload it to YouTube and add it to your website.

We’d love to see your home-produced videos during lockdown! Share them with us on Twitter!

If you discover you need help editing your videos or would like to add a little bit of magic with animation or graphics, fear not! We are here and would love to help. Please give us a shout on – 01244 310140.