Designer Sam reflects on her time at Entyce


Web Designer

This July we welcomed Sam Bewley to our team as she carried out a design work placement with us; during her time Sam has produced some fantastic pieces of work, and the whole team have enjoyed getting to know her. Here Sam reflects on her time with us so far…

Design work placement

“Since I have started on work placement here at Entyce, I have worked on multiple projects. These projects have ranged from designing infographics for businesses to creating advertising visuals for social media. Each project I have worked on, I have thoroughly enjoyed!

I have found working at Entyce very different to my time at University. I spent a lot of my time at University producing print based projects, so being able to gain some experience in a digital design agency is extremely beneficial as I have learnt new design skills, as well as having had the chance to work on something fresh!

As well as designing infographics and social visuals, I have also learnt how to create a GIF; this is something I never thought I would be able to but I absolutely loved learning how to do this, and this is now a new skill that I can hopefully apply to other projects in the future.

I love coming into Entyce on work placement as everyone is extremely welcoming and I feel as though I get on well with the team. I especially love the banter that goes on in the office during the day as well! Paul and Mirain are very helpful and give me a lot of direction when it comes to designing and I appreciate the patience they have with me! Everyone else in the office is also very helpful and make me feel like part of the team, which is lovely!

Until I started on work placement at Entyce, I was unsure as to how much I would like producing content for digital use as I had never done it before but now that I have, I have realised how much I do I enjoy it and I am very glad of the opportunity Entyce has given me. I hope to continue to develop my digital design skills throughout my work placement.”