Digital spend is outpacing traditional formats: are you keeping up?

Digital spend is outpacing traditional formats: are you keeping up?


Head of Marketing

Technology and digital developments have changed the way businesses market themselves and their products and services.

In the UK, digital marketing spend outperformed traditional ad spend a few years ago, and this year the same thing has happened in the US.  On a global scale, marketers are investing more and more of their time and budgets in digital marketing.  A wide range of digital marketing techniques are taking precedence over more traditional approaches including: PPC, paid social media advertising, display advertising, sponsored video, SEO and content marketing.

Changes to the way we all consume news and watch TV have led to a steady decline in spending on advertising in the press as well as traditional television and radio advertising.

Our approach to consuming content on the move has been instrumental in changing the way marketing works.  In the UK it is estimated that we spend on average 182 minutes a day on non-voice mobile usage.  That’s three hours a day spent on a mobile phone looking at apps, social media, searching online, reading/watching content, listening to podcasts.  With this in mind it isn’t surprising that marketers are focusing on digital, with a specific emphasis on mobile first.

Digital ad spend

For some organisations, traditional advertising is still an important element of their marketing strategy. Others have taken the bold step to move all their marketing online.

Obviously, the right approach depends on the business, industry and the target audience. For many organisations using a combination will deliver the best results, but many marketers are increasingly moving their marketing spend online because of the clear advantages it offers.

Advertising online offers the opportunity to reach very specific audiences in a much more targeted way than was previously possible with traditional advertising. Social media platforms offer the option to target by a wide range of metrics including geographic location, age, job type, seniority, interests and numerous other demographics.

Conversions can happen with a click and results are instant.  Online advertising can also be measured effectively and in real-time. This makes testing easier, adverts and campaigns can then be changed and adapted to ensure they are performing effectively.

If you aren’t keeping up with the opportunities that digital marketing offers then it might be the perfect time to revisit your marketing plans and activity.

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