eBay goes green.


eBay has launched a re-usable shipping box with space inside for sellers to leave messages for their shipment’s recipient.
The online trading company which is responsible for a significant proportion of the world’s Jiffy Bag and parcel tape sales, so it makes sense for eBay to get involved in finding a greener alternative, particularly if that alternative is also a marketing vehicle for the eBay brand.


Inside the box, white spaces are left for shippers to leave messages to recipients. As the box is re-used, these spaces will tell the story of its different journeys. The new boxes are designed to minimise the use of tape and there are also printed tips on ways to re-use materials such as old mobile phone boxes for packing.
The idea for the box came out of eBay’s Innovation Expo, which it holds each spring as a forum for employees to develop prototypes for new products and ‘breakthrough innovations’.

The box, which is made from recycled, FSC-approved cardboard, was launched at the company event in San Jose last month. The company will manufacture 100,000 in three sizes as a pilot programme.

To get hold of the boxes, users must sign up with the eBay Green Team here