Entyce 2020: A year in review for the digital marketing industry

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an unprecedented challenge for people across the globe due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has entirely changed the way we communicate, socialise, shop, work and so many other aspects to our day to day lives, and ultimately this has meant us all having to adjust to what has been labelled the ‘new normal’.

As an industry with the tools necessary to carry out remote working effectively, digital marketing adapted effortlessly to a home working environment. For Entyce, at the announcement of lockdown, our team began working from home. As the year continued, restrictions were lifted, reimposed, amended, we have become accustomed to a flexible working environment, with team members alternating office and home working.

But what else has 2020 held for the digital marketing industry and the Entyce Creative team in our 12th year of business? We take a look below:

Increased focus on social media

With the whole country required to stay at home as much as possible, social media use increased significantly as people sought ways to pass the time. This meant that businesses looking to reach potential customers had a vastly increased audience waiting for them on these platforms. For Entyce, and I’m sure many other digital marketers out there, this led to a surge in clients wanting to boost their social media presence to capture the attention of these newly-engaged audiences.

New clients

We have welcomed a number of new clients on board this year, allowing our teams to work on some exciting new projects; including website builds, branding, social media campaigns and company expansions. We couldn’t be prouder that we have been able to retain and win new clients during this highly uncertain time.

New team members

Of course, new clients meant that Entyce needed more people to cope with the demand, therefore we were very excited to welcome three new team members in the summer. Hannah joined us as Social Media Manager, Kirstie joined our design team and Nicola was welcomed onto our account management team. All three quickly became integral parts of the Entyce team and are a hit with clients.

Having been established during the 2008 financial crisis, Entyce knows a thing or two about operating effectively during uncertain economic times and we are proud to be finishing 2020 with a strong portfolio of clients and a range of exciting projects planned for 2021.

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