Entyce awarded web contract for retail brand campaign

Entyce is pleased to announce we have been awarded another new website and SEO contract.

We started working with Goodlife Foods a few years back, where we designed the packaging for their popular ready meals. We are now delighted to be working again with their marketing team to create an integrated digital marketing plan for their popular campaign, Meat Free Mondays. The current site was built by us many years ago, and despite it being created way before the time of responsive web development, it still receives tens of thousands of visitors every month.


Entyce carefully monitors the visitor behaviour for all our websites, so we quickly highlighted the potential for greater engagement with this traffic for Goodlife Foods.

The Meat Free Mondays website has become a valuable communications channel for the retail brand. With huge focus from the government on reducing obesity levels and promoting healthy eating, there is a real opportunity to support this trend for people looking to adapt their lifestyle.

Meat Free Mondays aims to give people help and advice on how to live a balanced lifestyle, with the incorporation of one meat free day a week. Unlike the great proportion of vegetarians that eat the meat free meals from Goodlife, Meat Free Mondays appeals to all dietary preferences and necessities.

The new site will bring fresh and exciting recipe ideas and informative resources for those searching for help with living a healthier life.

As well as supporting adults, one of the most successful way of combating obesity and unhealthy eating habits, is to inform the young. For this reason, we will introduce a section on schools. This will support Goodlife with their connections in education and provide more valuable resources for teaching staff and school chefs.

We look forward to sharing the new designs with you in due course. Watch this space!