Entyce commissioned to build new website for MWL systems

Earlier this year MWL Systems based in Wrexham invited us to go and speak to them about the digital marketing services we could offer.


Established in 1984, MWL Systems provides IT solutions and support for businesses ranging from SMEs to much larger businesses. As experts in their field, MWL are keen to share their knowledge and expertise and are always busy hosting events on topical issues such as cyber security and supporting other businesses.

When we first started working with MWL Systems they didn’t need a new website but wanted an agency to help them with content creation, social media, e-newsletters and generally boosting their online brand and presence. However, time has passed and they have expanded their services and the products they offer so they recently decided that it was time for a new website.

Following discussions about what they were looking for, and some advice from us about what we could design and develop for them, they have commissioned us to design and build a brand new website for them.

One of the problems they have experienced with their existing site is that there isn’t enough flexibility, making changes and adding new pages is time consuming and more complicated than it needs to be.  The new site will offer greater flexibility to include new products and services quickly.

The new site will improve the overall user experience, showcase their full range of products and services and will be designed and developed to convey the business and its expertise. It will also be created with SEO in mind ensuring the completed site won’t just look great but will also be easily found by their target market.