Entyce goes global


Head of Operations

As a Chester based business you’d probably expect us to have clients in Chester, the North West and perhaps around the UK. We do have lots of clients based in the region and we love working with and supporting local businesses but we also work with some organisations from much further afield.

Working with international clients is always interesting and sometimes presents different challenges such as designing with different or multiple languages and managing projects across different time zones.entyce-goes-global-article

Two of our current international clients are Nigeria based Integrated Dairies who we have been working with for a number of years and Simian International who recently became a client after their UK based sister company recommended us.

Integrated Dairies first approached us for packaging designs for their range of dairy products. Since then we’ve gone on to complete a new website for them as well as other design projects.

Simian International specialise in training and health and safety for the scaffolding sector. With bases in the UAE, Nigeria and Australia they really do have a global presence. They are also actively involved in work on the Shell Prelude in South Korea, the world’s largest vessel. We’ve already created business cards and corporate stationery for them and are currently in the process of designing and updating web pages to promote their international services. We are also busy working on designs for their International Prospectus which will showcase the portfolio of courses they offer all around the world.