Entyce at the Social Media Roadshow Wales


Social Media Executive

At Entyce we are consistently looking at ways in which we can learn more about the Digital industry to make sure our clients get the most up to date digital marketing ways. We are always looking for the most effective ways of marketing for our clients and opportunities to learn more.

As social media is changing the way in which we market, we attended a Social Media Roadshow. The lecture was run by digital guru Emma Meese who trains the likes of the BBC crew on how to use social media effectively. The roadshow took place at Glyndwr University in Wrexham organised by the C4CJ and is funded by the Welsh government.

The main aim of the roadshow was to teach businesses effective ways to attract and engage with their audiences on social media.

We learned some fascinating insights into the use of social media and this has enabled us to start thinking differently about how we approach certain aspects of social platforms. We also learned about great apps for moving images and creating shareable content.

Think Mobile! The facts and figures

Does your content work on a small screen? There are currently more mobiles in the world than toothbrushes! In the UK there are 42 million active social media users and 37 million active mobile social users. 74% of clicks back to websites are from a mobile device, this year we have already seen a 22% increase in web traffic from a mobile. So, what does this show us?  When creating a social media post, it is important to make it mobile friendly including the size of the image and the amount of written content, making the post easy to digest and accessible on a mobile.

What should we get from our content? Engagement.

Encourage your audience to share your posts.

“A picture is worth a thousand words especially on a mobile device”.

Video is continuing to become a rising star in digital marketing, it is becoming 2/3 of mobile usage. You are 103% more likely to get a share, like or retweet if your post is accompanied by a video or moving image. When creating posts for social, you should be clever, make it appealing for your audience to like and share your content.

We learnt about some different online programmes and apps which are great for creating interesting moving images, GIFs and videos:

Canva_LogoCanva – This is an online platform which is great for creating quick attractive imagery. It’s simple to use and free, this is also available for the Ipad.

LegendLegend – This app we have found the most useful, it creates simple but really engaging images with moving words. This is useful when wanting to demonstrate statistics.

GifMe   GIF Me – It is a great app to create and share short video in animated GIF and MPG this is also available for your IPad device.

The art of writing to a social media audience

Less is more. When creating posts, we need to think about who is going to be reading it and where they will be reading it. We have an attention span of 0.7 seconds, if a post is too long people are more than likely going to lose interest. Make it short at snappy, according to a study by Sumall & Buffer, content should be as long as it takes to convey the message and no longer.

On Facebook, a post with 40 characters will receive  86% more engagement than a post with a higher character count. Tweets shorter than 100 characters are 17% more likely to gain engagement whilst on LinkedIn a post containing 25 words would get more shares.

The roadshow was a great insight and a good refresher on what we’re already doing monthly, weekly and daily for our range of clients.

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