Facebook Live, Facebook Workplace & Even More New Features

The Entyce Facebook marketing experts are here to introduce you to the latest functionality that could give your business an edge over the competition.
Anyone in the digital marketing industry will know it is both exciting and challenging to keep up with all the incredible new features being released by the king of social media platforms.
This season in particular has been a real race to keep up with all the new developments, so in case you blinked and missed them, here is a roundup of some of the best new Facebook features.
1. Facebook Live
Video has been the talk of the town on Facebook recently. In June, a top Facebook executive explicitly stated that in five years she believes that the majority of content viewed and shared on the platform will be video. As of 2016 videos are viewed 8 billion times a day on Facebook. It was only 1 billion just a year ago. Facebook seems determined to take on YouTube for hottest video social media channel.
It is already very easy to upload videos to Facebook and use them in advertising but now a new age has dawned with Facebook Live.
Facebook Live means live videos streaming direct to Facebook and profiles and pages can get in on the action.
While a live video may seem fleeting it has enormous potential for businesses, Just think of it you could create a Facebook event for a Facebook Live webinar with Q & A session. Boost your event to attract event watchers and then stream your live video and answer questions directly.
You can even target audiences with live video and add fun custom filters to really personalise these videos.
Facebook are aggressively pushing the merits of Facebook Live and you may even have spotted adverts on TV promoting the service.
How Does It Work?
Are you in the Facebook app on your phone? Good now tap on ‘what’s on your mind’ at the top of your news feed as if to share a standard update. Click Facebook live from the drop down, select your audience and away you go. You will have a three second count down before the live video starts filming so we suggest planning your performance ahead of time.
2. Facebook Workplace
We already know Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses but you can really take it to the next level and organise all your work and company communications via Facebook if you like. Facebook Workplace (formerly Facebook at Work) is used by organisations all over the world and now any company can sign up.
There is a pricing plan with Facebook workplace but it offers you all the benefits of Facebook such as Groups, Live Chat, Live Video and features unique to Workplace, including a single sign on for analytics, integrations and the ability to integrate Facebook Workplace with existing IT systems.
Many companies invest in project management system to help organise and communicate with their staff but Facebook now wants to be your workplace project management system too. The pricing is based per user per month and there is even a three month free trial.
3. Paypal Facebook Messenger Integration
We can tell from Facebook Shop Tab that Facebook is really pushing to make itself the platform for e-commerce businesses so Etsy had better be wary of Facebook’s aggressive tactics. Now Facebook is teaming up with Paypal to allow users to buy within the Facebook Messenger app.
4. Facebook Lite
Want to use Facebook but have poor data connections or an old poor quality phone? No problem because Facebook Lite has been designed for you. Available on Android and being rolled out in countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe Facebook Lite promises access to users who do not have good internet connections.