Happy Social Media Day 2016!

Yes this is absolutely a real thing.

With a population increasingly addicted to social media it might seem that everyday could be regarded as social media day, however this is actually an official global day created by the popular entertainment and media company Mashable.

Social Media Day has been taking place for an impressive seven years and gives us a chance to reflect on the digital revolution social media has created in our lives. It takes place on 30th June every year and there are even events and meet ups held around the world to mark the occasion.

Love it or hate social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for socialising, communicating and business. Social media marketing can provide increased brand awareness and increasing sales / leads for companies. If you use it well it can actively improve your engagement with your target audience and therefore improve customer services.

As a leading digital and social media marketing agency in Chester we are of course delighted to celebrate Social Media Day 2016. It is an ideal opportunity to remind companies of the importance of this valuable resource and what they could be leaving on the table by refusing to embrace the social media revolution.

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If You Don’t Embrace Social Media Marketing You Could Be Ignoring A Massive Potential Audience For Your Business. Check Out These Impressive Social Media Statistics:

Facebook: As of spring 2016 Facebook has roughly 2. 3 billion active monthly users. No billion is not a typo it really is that high. Remember this isn’t just people who have an account it is users who log on every month. In March of this year Facebook noted an average of 1.09 billion daily active users. That means billions of people are logging onto Facebook everyday to socialise, shop and discover news and entertainment.

Twitter: In the first quarter of the year Twitter was recorded as having 310 million monthly active users.

YouTube: YouTube has over a billion users and the number of people watching daily has increased by 40% since March 2014.

Instagram: Instagram has 500 million monthly active users up from 400 million in September of last year.

LinkedIn: As of April 2016 there are 433 million users on LinkedIn.

If you really want to make the most of Social Media day you can register it as an official day in your local city. Mashable even offers helpful advice on how to submit your proclamation so you can be prepared for an even bigger social media day next year.