Hashtags … #help!


Head of Marketing


What is a hashtag? Think of it as a keyword, a search term that makes you visible and when it comes to Twitter and Instagram the more the merrier.


A hashtag enables you to reach a wider audience when talking about specific topics.  Being a Chester based digital design agency, we use hashtags such as #chester , #design and #digitalagency to make us visible to anyone searching those terms on Twitter or Instagram.


You can have fun creating your own hashtags e.g #iloveginandtonicoclock but this is unlikely to get you noticed, keeping it short, sweet and more specific is more likely to get you seen.
It’s advisable to do some research before creating/using hashtags, search the different social media platforms to help you find hashtags that are being used and re-tweeted that are applicable to the subject you are posting about.  If you’re using a # that you’ve created that no one else is using it will take time for it to get noticed and for people to started using it.


As mentioned earlier – the more the merrier with hashtags but try and intersperse them amongst your posts/tweets rather than bombard your followers with a long list of them at the end.


We hope this #article has #helped give you a clearer understanding of the #world of hashtags.