Have you seen the new Co-op logo yet?

Following the unveiling of the new Co-op logo last month, we have been analysing its reception amongst customers.  If you haven’t already spotted it, you may be surprised to learn that The Co-operative Group has returned to its 1960s classic clover design.



Is this a trend amongst logo design?

The new, or perhaps we should say, the original logo drops the full wording of The co-operative and adopts the more fresh and modern approach of CO-OP; displaying the letters in a cube effect, to create an icon in itself.


In older generations, the new logo evokes a feeling of nostalgia, and amongst the younger generations it steers towards a more digital friendly approach.  Most commonly referred to as The Co-op, the brand certainly aligns more closely now with the group’s identity.


Adopting a simple, yet bold brand identity appears to be the current trend. We like uncluttered visuals, and with the world of digital and social dominating our routes of communication, the punchy little logo does lend itself more readily to online applications, such as social icons and profiles.


Is there meaning behind the logo?

There is certainly reasoning behind the development of the new logo, quite clearly demonstrated in The Co-op’s video



By returning their roots, they are proudly reminding people of their traditional values and principles. People working together, are stronger together.


The Group lost £2.5bn in 2013-2014 – its worst trading period in history. Some believe that The Co-op had lost its way in defining itself to the target customer. In April 2015, the CEO Richard Pennycook announced the end of the Group’s rescue phase, when it once again returned to profit.


It is during this stage that The Co-op needed to have a series think about its strategy and where it was heading in the future. With the recent new image launch, Co-op are showing signs of redefining themselves and reminding the consumer who and what they are all about.


When can you expect to see the new logo in the stores?


If you haven’t already seen it in your local store, then you soon will. The brand is currently being rolled out throughout UK stores. You will see it on product packaging, bags and uniforms in store. Internal and external signage is soon to follow.