How has Greggs’ digital marketing efforts produced record sales?


Marketing Executive

Greggs has recently revealed that its sales grew by an astounding 27% increase in its 2019 pre-tax profits, a number that they are attributing not only to the astronomical success of their vegan range, but also to their digital marketing efforts.

Investment in digital marketing and customer insights has played an integral part of the brand’s sales growth over the past 12 months. The introduction of the Greggs Rewards app is allowing the brand to utilise customer data to ensure that their communication strategies and decision making is prioritised.

Of course, 2020 has come with a whole host of challenges that Greggs (not to mention every other UK business) must contend with; Coronavirus being the main roadblock. Speaking of this, Chief Executive, Roger Whiteside has said “There is some uncertainty in the outlook, particularly given the potential impact of Coronavirus. This aside, we expect to make year-on-year progress and will do so from a strong financial position, supporting our investment for further growth whilst also delivering good returns for all stakeholders.”

What can your business learn from Greggs’ success?

Predominantly, the main takeaway from Greggs’ success over the past 12 months is their significant focus on their customer. They identified a change in spending habits amongst consumers, as well as trends of the food industry, and capitalised on this.

This is, of course, something that we can all implement into our own business marketing strategy. Whether it is answering frequently asked questions on our blog, keeping customers up to date with the latest industry news or simply ensuring that your website provides the clear and precise information that prospective clients are looking for, you can make significant improvements in your ROI for your marketing efforts.

But your focus shouldn’t end here. After carrying out your marketing strategy, you must then analyse its performance. Take a look at what worked well, what didn’t and what brought your business the most leads. This will subsequently inform your future activity to ensure that you are getting the most out of your efforts.

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