How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted traffic to your site?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted traffic to your site?


Marketing Executive

As we continue to face restrictions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses that are able to have moved to a remote working environment, with some sadly having to halt their business entirely until restrictions are lifted.

Whilst you may think that the current situation will severely impact the number of people visiting your website, interestingly, the team here at Entyce has seen a remarkable increase in traffic for some of our clients since lockdown came into force in early March.

For us this indicates that people are still seeking out the information that websites can provide, whether that be information on services or content that will increase their knowledge or keep them updated on a particular subject. With significantly more time to browse the internet, prospective customers may also be looking to the future, and researching potential suppliers for when normality returns once again.

With that being said, we highly recommend that businesses utilise this time to modify their marketing and communication strategy to capture the interest of web visitors at precisely the right time. Make sure that you are keeping visible during this time, show clients and customers, existing and potential, that you are still very much in business.

We have seen a wave of new enquiries for businesses wanting to use this time as a reason to improve their image, whether that be rebranding or building a new website. We have also seen a flurry of new business ventures and ideas being generated too, which is exciting to see and hear.

So, what can you do to enhance your marketing efforts and get seen by your target audience during the pandemic and beyond?


Now more than ever people will be looking to keep updated on relevant industry news and guidance. Focusing your attentions on creating detailed, well-written and highly relevant pieces of content can be hugely beneficial in increasing web traffic.

Social media

As with content, keeping your audience up to date and informed on social media (both on an industry level and with regards to your own company) can greatly increase engagement and subsequent click-throughs to your site. Images, gifs and videos can make a big difference in attracting audiences to your post.


Don’t forget about your existing clients, your marketing strategy MUST include them during this difficult time. Keep them up to date with your new working practices, how you are able to continue to support them and, ultimately, instil confidence that your business is handling remote working effortlessly whilst keeping the safety of your workforce at the forefront. Newsletters are an ideal way to do this. Keep them concise, on-brand and, of course, in line with GDPR.

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