How to reach your audience remotely


Marketing Executive

Those of us who are able to are currently working remotely as the UK tackles the spread of the Coronavirus. This also means that a significant proportion of our audience is also doing this.

Whilst you may think that an audience mainly stuck at home will be an even more engaged one for you to market to, this is certainly not always the case. During this tricky time your marketing needs to be carefully considered. It should be empathetic to the uncertainty of the current situation that we are all going through, whilst adding value to their time spent working remotely.

So, what can you do to engage with a remote audience effectively?


Many businesses currently working from home will be busy planning for the coming months (if not years). This will inevitably mean that they will be searching for information or guidance based around the products and/ or services that you provide. You can capitalise on this by producing and sharing content that will highlight your expertise in your field. This could be anything from a step by step guide, to relevant news, an informative video to a recorded Q&A session.

Social media

When it comes to specific times to post on platforms, past research that would have otherwise informed this has arguably gone out of the window in the past few months. With more people working flexibly at home, they will be looking at their feeds at varying times of the day. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at your post engagement; analyse when your posts receive the most attention and utilise the data, but be aware that this will change once again as more and more businesses return to some form of normality.


The perfect way to convey your business’ expertise with an already engaged audience, with the added bonus of data capture to place attendees into your marketing funnel, webinars can be a great tool to utilise in your marketing strategy. Keep them to a maximum of an hour and ensure you include a ‘live chat’ functionality so that attendees can ask questions throughout.

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