How to write an engaging social post

How to write an engaging social post


Social Media Executive

The social media team at Entyce have spoken to countless clients over the years who had previously tried their hand at social media marketing for their business but had never seen any results from it. There are a number of reasons behind social media failures including:

> Not understanding the goal (lead generation, driving traffic to website, raising business profile, etc)

Not targeting the appropriate audience for your business

Failing to build a social audience

Not interacting with others on social

Not finding the right tone

Posting infrequently

Using the wrong social platform for your business

Much of the time social posts fail to find success due to the fact that an audience doesn’t connect with it and is therefore very unlikely to interact or click through to your site as a result. Take a look below as we explore how to construct an engaging post on social media that will get your business noticed for all the right reasons.

What to include in an effective social post


Research has shown that tweets containing images will receive on average 150% more interaction than those without, therefore it goes without saying that you should aim to include some kind of imagery with every post. This could include infographics, visuals, a picture or gifs, all of which will draw audiences to look at your post.

To make imagery even stronger they should not only support the subject of your tweet, but should be consistent with your business’ branding so that they are easily recognisable to your target audience.


You may choose to go that one step further and use video within your social media post, a great choice in our opinion as videos, according to research, are six times more likely to be retweeted than imagery.

Videos should of course be relevant to your business and its product and/ or services, as well as high quality. We wouldn’t recommend making every post a video, but investing in a great quality, informative, branded video for your business will go a long way with audiences.

Tone and quality of writing

At the outset of any social media marketing activity, you should have a clear idea of the tone you should be using, be it formal, informal or a balance of both. This should be in line with the copy on your website and, importantly, relevant to the industry in which your business operates.

In addition to this, the tone of your posts need to be considered in relation to your audience and what they are most likely to respond to. The right tone, a thoroughly thought out and well written piece of content will ultimately encourage audience engagement.

Call to action

We would always recommend adding a call to action or question to a social post. Whether this be ‘take a look at our blog’ or ‘what are your thoughts?’, they should aim to provoke some kind of action from your audience.

Facebook in particular allows you to add a CTA button, that can be any number of phrases including ‘learn more’, ‘shop now’, ‘call now’ and many others. In doing this, the process for audiences to engage with your business is made much simpler.

Would your business benefit from effective social media marketing? Contact us today to find out more about how our team of social experts can help.