An inspirational morning with Wayne Hemingway

An inspirational morning with Wayne Hemingway

It’s been almost 10 years since I first met Wayne Hemingway MBE one of the UK’s most well known entrepreneurs. Wayne and I initially met at a ceremony at Blackburn College, where I studied Graphic Design. It was an honour when I was asked to represent the College along with Wayne Heminway, and became a Fellow of Blackburn College.

It was great to see Wayne Hemingway again today in Manchester, offering his insights into what makes a successful business, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


He started his career with a stall on Camden Market selling handmade and vintage clothing with his wife Geraldine. The pair went on to build Red or Dead into a globally-celebrated label and, after 21 consecutive seasons on the catwalk, sold it in a multi-million-pound deal. In 1999, following the sale of Red or Dead, Wayne and Gerardine embarked on a new adventure: HemingwayDesign.


Wayne isn’t your typical businessman, he confessed that his success isn’t due to following a structured business plan, rather a case of just giving things a go. It was fascinating to hear his story. His passion for creativity and making the world a better place through design and innovation is certainly a message we can all learn from.