Instagram’s newest feature revealed


Social Media Executive

Instagram is rolling out new ways of sharing your photos with your online community.

The photo sharing platform, recently bought out by Facebook, is upgrading its mobile & desktop site features, which previously, some may say, was not very useful and didn’t allow you to complete certain activities. The mobile site only supported certain features, including like, follow & search, and browsing through user profiles. It lacked a feature for uploading your own photos and editing them.

Instagram new feature

However, Instagram has announced today that the desktop version will now let you post your photos straight to the site without using the app. This new feature will also greatly improve your Instagram experience on an iPad, as the app currently treats an iPad like a mobile device, it is usually viewed as fuzzy and on a smaller scale.

On the other hand, the chances are that if you are on a mobile device you will be using the Instagram app, but, the upgrade will bring more benefits to users who are accessing Instagram on desktop devices.  Although the mobile site still lacks a number of features such as video, stories, messaging, it is a lighter option for those who experience a slow network and will be a much better experience for iPad or tablet users.

Over the last year, Instagram has made a number of significant changes to improve the service they provide, including; stories, multiple images upload, selfie stickers, offline mode and improved flow for Android users. These are all part of Instagram’s bid to achieving an 80% user base outside of the United States.

In light of this, will we see Instagram roll out a ‘Lite’ version just like Facebook Lite and Messaging Lite which includes basic features & faster downloading times?

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