Introducing Facebook’s newest feature the 360 photo


Social Media Executive

‘Watch Less, Experience more’

Through the recent introduction of Facebook’s new virtual reality (VR) feature allowing people to upload 360 degree photo’s to their news feed, we have been analysing the huge growth potential of VR in 2016, why should marketers be introducing the next frontier of branded content to their audiences?


Estimated to become a £710m industry in 2016, VR is the next big thing as a new up and coming content marketing medium.  Offering visual immersion via wide-angle, enterprises are developing VR and trialling for sales and marketing purposes, it has transformed how we do Facebook marketing. This evolving platform is a prime example of the extremes of what technology is capable of doing today, Facebook have introduced VR to the world through adding their new feature, as Mark Zuckerberg quoted ‘Virtual Reality is the future’. The feature is proving successful with its users as pretty much anyone can take one; either on their smart phones as a simple panoramic photo or on an industrial level using the Facebook surround camera which has been used to capture 360 photos around the globe including the  grand central station, it is sharing more immerse views of the world. 360 photos are easy to identify on a news feed, users are able to experience moments shared in 360 as if they were actually there.


It has been said that this feature is simple when using your Smartphone, you simply take a photo using the ‘pano’ feature on your camera and then when uploading to Facebook it will automatically upload as a 360 photo. I found the trick is to keep as still as possible for it to work. If the feature has worked correctly a symbol at the bottom right of the photo will appear which looks like a small globe.

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What does this mean for marketers?

Facebook marketing is not only a customer interaction but it gives a personal touch to any business. The VR feature increases a more meaningful connection with your audiences, this medium offers a more creative opportunity for showcasing a moment or experience. Content is key through the adoption of VR, driving the acceptance of 360 degree photos means content creators and brands need to create unique and engaging content. It will mean companies can create impactful campaigns and it can solve difficulties which brands typically encounter including; failing to engage with their audiences, customers not remembering their marketing campaigns, developing a competitive advantage over their competitors. It is a beneficial platform for brands to introduce as it can increase affiliation and recognition.  I think it’s a creative and exciting new marketing platform which makes waves in how we experience the digital world.


You can now find the 360 degree photo feature on Facebook, go and check it out and experience a moment as if you are there, watch this space for Entyce’s very own 360 photo coming soon.