Is your web copy capturing your audiences' attention?

Web readers don’t read word for word, they scan. Make sure your content is easy to locate, easy to read, and easy to use. We’ve put together a few points to help you write your web copy:

1. Keep content scannable. Keep the most important information at the top of each document.

2. Break up the content into smaller chunks of varying lengths.

3. Write clearly, concisely and consistently in a tone right for your audience.

4. Include carefully chosen details and examples.

5. Present information clearly, using features such as:

• Bullet points

• Numbered lists

• Fact sheets or “at a glance” boxes.

• Testimonials or short case histories.

• Formatted personal profiles.

• Price lists.

• Charts, tables, or graphs.

Ultimately, write content that you would like to read yourself!