J.S. Bailey Cheese

JS Bailey is one Cheshire’s leading independent cheese suppliers, dedicated to working with local cheese makers and large manufacturers to provide a wide selection of high-quality cheese to customers based across the UK.

The brief

J.S. Bailey is a long-standing client of ours that initially came to us when they needed a website they could regularly update in-house.

The site also needed to be responsive, display their full product range and reflect their growing business; while both online and offline marketing materials were also required to support the new website and the company’s growth.

What we did


We built and designed a responsive website which would display on a range of different devices, from mobile phones and tablets to PC desktops.

To give J.S. Bailey the freedom to update their website, we integrated a bespoke management system which allows them to instantly amend and update various different types of content.


All of the new website’s copy was created from scratch by our team of copywriters, taking care to adapt the tone of voice to suit J.S. Bailey’s brand message and communicate effectively with their target audience.

This tone of voice has been followed through into the website’s supporting print marketing materials, as the company also required a range of graphic design work for printed marketing collateral and exhibition material, to support the new website and reinforce the brand.

Finally, we completed a session of food photography to showcase their product range, shot in a style which complemented the design of the new site.

Digital marketing

Following on from the success of the new website, J.S. Bailey have joined us as a retained client.

Their business is expanding and they regularly require the expertise of digital marketers but do not have an in-house marketing team. They use our team’s expertise for design work, content creation, social media and regular advice and support on all-things digital.