Kerry & Mike celebrate four years at Entyce

Kerry & Mike celebrate four years at Entyce


Head of Marketing

We’re celebrating another staff anniversary at Entyce Creative.  It is four years since Mike and Kerry joined the team.  The talented pair had never met before but started work during the same week back in 2015 and have both been crucial to the team ever since.

Mike is involved in every new website created at Entyce.  As an experienced developer he was looking for new role where he could focus on front end development and work on a wide variety of websites.  He has since worked on new websites for a huge range of businesses and organisations from food manufacturers to financial services, charities to recruitment agencies.  He has been so busy he’s probably lost count of the number of sites he’s developed! His favourite site to date is the recently launched website for Brynmor flapjacks.  An ecommerce site which combines illustration, an animated video and some stunning photography too.

Mike is probably one of the most competitive members of Entyce.  Whether it’s the office bake-off or go-karting for one of our team events he likes to win and usually does!   Just don’t mention the Go Karting to designer Paul!


We first met Kerry when she worked with us as a client.  She’d enjoyed working with us so much to create a new website for her previous company that after the project finished, she came to join us. She obviously already knew us well as she arrived on her first day laden with cakes!

She’s since been promoted to Head of Operations and is the crucial link between everything that goes on in the studio and office and all of our clients.  She knows our clients better than anyone and it is her organisational skills that keep all of our projects on track.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a complete website, a video shoot or design for an e-newsletter Kerry will know exactly where the project is up to and what is needed next.

Kerry’s favourite recent project is the packaging designed by the team for Henllan Bakery.  She loves it because it was a complete change from the packaging they had before and it’s nice to see something we’ve worked on when just going about normal daily life.  The bright, colourful packaging on the shop shelves always catches her eye when she’s doing her shopping in any of her local stores.  Nothing changes, any excuse to buy cakes!


Ask any of the team at Entyce and they’ll all say the same thing.  It’s hard to imagine a time at Entyce before Mike and Kerry!