Meet our videographer Tom

1 – What is your favourite tipple?

Rum and coke…or Fireball whiskey

2 – How do you take your tea/coffee?

Tea – 1 sugar, just a bit of milk, coffee – 1 sugar and a bit of milk.

3 – What is your favourite book?

Harry Potter or Game of Thrones

4 – What is your favourite film?

Too many to choose from, I’m a filmmaker. If I had to say, maybe, ‘Good Will Hunting’



5 – What are you top 5 tunes?

Again, this is so difficult…

Venice Queen – Red Hot Chili peppers

After the storm – Mumford and Sons

Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

Re-stacks – Bon Iver

Run boy Run – Woodkid

6 – If you could pick a super power, what would it be?

Either telekinesis, or flight.

7 – What do you love?

Food, music, film, travelling and people in general…. I can’t be more specific

8 – What do you hate?

Macaroni Cheese and Liquorish – You stay away from me with those things.

9 – What are you most likely to be heard saying?

I’m sorry, or I’m only joking… Sometimes together :o!

10 – Favourite things to do outside of work?

Watching films, skiing and snowboarding, filming/photography, hanging out with friends, travelling……. (drinking)

11 – Who is your celeb crush?

Zooey Deschanel

12 – Favourite food/meal?

Chinese – Duck. nom nom nom