Meet the Mini Entycers

As well as being successful business women Entyce Creative’s two founders are also proud, busy mums. We thought it would be interesting to find out what their children really think about what happens when their mums go to work!

Mini Entycers from Entyce Creative on Vimeo.

They say never work with animals or children but this didn’t put off our videographer Tom. He willingly took on the challenge of filming the two five year olds who are now affectionately known by the team here as the Mini Entys. Armed with sweets he set about charming Lauren (Jane’s daughter) and Oscar (Libby’s son) into sharing some secrets!

The adorable pair happily chatted about Entyce, what we do and the not so secret stash of sweets and chocolate in the office. Not to mention Jane coming to work in her pjs! Writing about it just doesn’t do the Mini Entys justice. Watch the video here.