MegaRetailer chooses Entyce


Marketing Executive

It’s going to be a busy few months for the team here at Entyce as we gained yet another exciting web project, e-commerce site MegaRetailer.

Mega retailer

We were introduced to the project from existing clients Forrest Fresh Foods, who had seen a gap in the market and received numerous requests for a platform on which consumers could also buy their huge range of products, not just businesses. When the domain name for MegaRetailer was available they jumped at the chance to utilise the strong name for a brand-new business venture, entirely separate from the Forrest Fresh Foods business.

The site itself will be fully e-commerce, built on a Magento platform, and will be host to a vast variety of products, from soft drinks to confectionery, electrical goods to furniture. Magento is known for its powerful e-commerce capabilities and therefore when approached with this project we knew instantly that the platform would provide the necessary functionality that a site of the scale requires.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram pages over the coming months as we unveil this brand-new site.

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