Movement is going to be HUGE in 2016

Taking the market by storm

We have already seen video take the online market by storm, and it is certainly set to dominate forms of communication. Whether this be on your own website, or sharing through social channels – video is here to stay in a big way.

Video gains greater engagement:

Research shows that emails that include the word ‘video’ in their title, increases the open rate by 20%.

Over 50% of internet traffic is now using video.

The stats for video usage are endless, and all point towards greater engagement and interaction with consumers.

One of the more defining features of video that we will see more of next year is vertical video. If you think about it, this makes total sense. How often do you use your phone horizontally? It’s certainly not as often as holding it upright, yet videos are still very much made to a landscape format, requiring us to turn our phone round every time we want to view one on the go.

With mobile use constantly on the rise, it’s become time for video to adapt to user habits.

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