National Be Heard Day: how to ensure your business gets heard

National Be Heard Day: how to ensure your business gets heard


Marketing Executive

Today marks the 15th year of National Be Heard Day, a day dedicated to celebrating small businesses and encouraging them to ensure their voices and key marketing messages are heard.

Established in 2004 in the US, by business mentor, Shannon Cherry, the purpose of National Be Heard Day is to support smaller businesses in getting their messages heard through the noise of marketing.

Whilst not a British national day, the concept behind National Be Heard Day remains relevant to small businesses throughout the globe. So how can you ensure that your business gets heard above other businesses in your industry?

Engaging branding

Create a strong brand for your business that will stand out amongst your competitors. This not only includes your logo, but colour palette, fonts and tone of voice.

Social media

For the majority of businesses, social media marketing is an effective (and free) tool for you to use, that can help you to reach a significant audience.

Quality content

Audiences (and of course search engines) are seeking to find the expert information, and therefore quality content is a vital component to any successful marketing strategy.


Once you have written your quality content, you obviously want people to find and read it, therefore optimisation is key to having your work ranked by search engines and therefore reaching your target audience.


Video marketing is an effective way to engage with your target audience, with 59% of executives stating that they prefer to watch video content rather than read an article or blog.

Marketing trends

Keeping abreast of marketing trends will ensure you stay one step ahead of competitors. Identify trends relevant to your business and implement them into your business’ marketing strategy.

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