Give your marketing the personal touch

We like this trend a lot! So much of business has moved online, through the increase of e-commerce so it’s good to see that people still put great importance on the personal touch and human interaction.

We see stock image all too often, and we certainly agree that it has its place but even online people still want to do business with people so convey personality and adding human interest can make a business stand out in an increasingly corporate world.  Real photography can help with this as can video.

It’s also important that people know how they can communicate with you.  For example online shopping is great until you have a query or a problem.  Whether it is Twitter, live chat or a phone line make sure your customers know how and when they can reach you.  Ideally offer them a choice; some people love to pick up the phone while others prefer social media.

The most importantly be personable and respond quickly.  Email and social media have increased expectations people expect an almost instant response.  They also want to be treated as an individual and feel like they are having a human interaction even online so friendly and helpful is key.