What are the most popular Christmas campaigns?

What are the most popular Christmas campaigns?


Marketing Executive

For many brands the festive season signifies an enormous marketing opportunity, and as more and more brands get involved each year, the competition gets tougher and marketing and advertising gets more elaborate. But are the more elaborate campaigns the favourite?

The Entyce team have been debating some of their favourite Christmas campaigns that kick start the festive season, take a look through just some of the most popular.

John Lewis

No Christmas campaign would be complete without mentioning the John Lewis adverts. Each year brings with it a brand new concept, new merchandise and a new version of a well loved song.

A great deal of money is invested into their Christmas campaigns, with an estimated £7 million spent on this year’s ‘Moz the Monster’, £1 million to produce and a further £6 million to distribute and market. Alongside the Moz advert this year, John Lewis also released a ‘make your own Moz’ app, which allowed the brand to interact with users on social media, as well as Moz toys. With Moz toys flying off the shelves, the investment may very well be worth it.


Many coffee lovers around the world see the introduction of the Starbucks Christmas cup as the beginning of the festive season. Starbucks has been bringing festive cheer through its products for over 20 years, with the first cups first appearing in their stores in 1997.

Traditionally red, each year the brand introduces a new design and each year it is scrutinised across the globe, and 2017 has been no different. This year Starbucks has taken much of the red out of their festive cups, instead opting for an illustrative design that allows people to decorate their own cup. Take a look at 2017’s cup here. 



A big favourite amongst the Entyce team this year has been the Heathrow Christmas advert, featuring a family of teddy bears taking a nostalgic trip through the decades. The heart-warming advert not only tugs on our heartstrings, but also cements Heathrow’s position as an established airport.

Alongside the advert, there has also been a festive quiz, a video looking back through the history of Heathrow, a branded Christmas message that can be sent to friends and family through Twitter and Facebook, as well as an app that can bring the bears to life.

Coca Cola

For the Entyce team in particular, the Coca Cola Christmas truck was the resounding winner when it came to the most popular campaign. For many of us, we have grown up from a very young age with the television advert, which, despite some changes, has remained largely the same since it was first shown on television screens in 1995.

The advert has allowed for many more marketing opportunities for the brand, with branded merchandise, festive packaging and even a Christmas Coca Cola truck tour in many countries. Take a look, below, at a classic version of the Coca Cola Christmas advert, first shown in 1997.

Have we covered your favourite campaign? We would love to hear what your all time favourite campaign is; let us know on Twitter.