Preparing to return to office life

Over the past few months, much of the business world has been thrown into turmoil, with many having to adapt to home working quite literally overnight.

As we all slowly move on to our new normal and as UK businesses begin to reopen their doors, it is inevitable that things will look very different, and many business’ approach to office working may change dramatically.

In a recent poll we ran on LinkedIn an astounding 69% of people stated that they preferred a combination of working from the office and working from home. So, what could this mean for the future of office working?

First and foremost, it will almost certainly mean a change in the way businesses operate. Whether that be the offer of home working, a requirement to work from home or the flexibility to work from either venue. Some of the world’s largest companies have already committed to a fully remote workforce, closing down their physical offices. In cases such as these, lockdown has provided ample time to test out working of this kind, and it has clearly worked well for many.

Despite this newfound appreciation for home working, other offices are indeed reopening their doors and welcoming teams back in. But the office landscape may look quite different from pre-lockdown life.

With COVID-19 still very much a part of our day to day lives, offices must now adapt to ensure that staff remain safe in the working environment.

At Entyce, our team adapted quickly to working from home at the start of the crisis, however we realise the impact it has on our creativity and communication when we able to collaborate and work together in the studio on creative projects. As such, we have started welcoming our team members back to the office throughout August on a reduced capacity basis with the view to a full return in September when schools across the UK will reopen.

Over the past couple of months, we have further grown our team with two new starters joining us and a third new team member due to start at the end of the month. Being able to work from one location whilst getting to know the rest of the team has provided a supportive and productive environment to ensure our new recruits are able to safely settle into their roles with us.

How is your business preparing to return to office life? We’d love to hear your thoughts – [email protected] or message us through our social platforms.