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Entyce is a leading digital marketing agency based in Chester. We work with a wide range of different businesses in the region and beyond delivering digital marketing services to help them reach their goals.

We could tell you how good we are but actually it’s always nice to hear it from someone else. We’ve worked with long-standing client Exchequer Solutions on all of their digital marketing communications. Here’s what their Operations Director, Mike Lowndes had to say about working with Entyce.

What services does Entyce provide for Exchequer Solutions?

We engaged with Entyce initially to organise a rebrand and website launch for us back in 2013.  Now they look after all aspects of our digital marketing, external marketing, advertising, right through to integrating our website into our internal software system with online registrations helping us to keep costs down as a company.


Why did you choose to work with Entyce?

We approached three companies to speak to us and let us know what they thought they could do for us. Entyce were by far the most responsive and most professional. They convinced us really that they would look after our marketing best in the future.


How responsive are they at getting back to you?

They’ll tell you if they ask them that any delays in the process are always caused by us, so they manage that as well. Whenever we want something, they’re there for us. They understand when we’re busy and we can’t get things back to them. But if it’s something that is holding up the outside world and it’s important, they will politely nudge and chase us to make sure they get what they need to carry on getting their job done.

One of the things we most like about Entyce is whenever we need them, they’ve got someone available for us, there and then.


Do you find the work to be of a good standard?

We’ve always taken the view, that in our industry, our website in particular and our brochures and so on – they are the shop window into Exchequer from the outside world. Our contractors and our customers don’t really see us, they see our website first and foremost so it is very important to us that it was of good standard, and we’ve been more than happy with it. In fact we’ve recommended Entyce to other people over the past few years, because we are so happy with them.


Does Entyce have a good understanding of your business?

Our industry is slightly unique, slightly niche and if you are new to it, you wouldn’t understand it, and when Entyce first worked with us didn’t know much about our industry, but they have taken the time to learn it, to understand it and now when they do work for us there’s very little they need to add, because they fundamentally understand what we’re trying to say and what the message is. Which is again, something we appreciate.


How has working with Entyce impacted Exchequer Solutions?

The work Entyce has done, has undoubtedly raised our profile and put us on a much more professional footing with our clients, which has helped with client retention, driven up turnover and some of the work they’ve done more recently has helped with the efficiency of the business in terms of online registrations, so we have less headcount in here and we give a better service to our contractors 24/7, via the website. So even when the offices are closed, the website is still doing things of value to those contractors.


Would you recommend Entyce?

We recommend Entyce all the time to customers, and we have no hesitation to do so. They have done an exceptional job for us over the past few years, which has benefited us as a company and I’m sure they’d do the same for anybody else.

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