Should you be rethinking the way you use Twitter?

Should you be rethinking the way you use Twitter?


Social Media Executive

With around 330 million active monthly users, Twitter is a fantastic platform to spread a business’ marketing message. Furthermore, with over 40 languages it doesn’t matter where in the world your business operates, your message can reach your target audience. However, this can only happen if done in the right way.

Many businesses that approach us struggle to understand the value that Twitter can bring, and for the most part, this is due to the fact that a strategy has not been put in place. So, if your business is struggling with Twitter marketing here are our top tips on how your business can utilise this social platform to its advantage.

How to effectively use Twitter to market your business

Don’t focus on one aim

Many businesses see Twitter as a lead generation platform, and if it isn’t bringing the leads in then it’s abandoned altogether. But the fact of the matter is that whilst some business types will indeed find Twitter to be a fantastic way to generate leads, marketing on the platform is about so much more. Twitter should be used to promote your services, shout about company news, share relevant industry news, as well as interact with audiences. Business aims should not be restricted to just attracting leads (although this is an important aspect), but also getting a business known within the Twitter-sphere and establishing themselves as an authority within its industry.

Interaction is key

Regularly positing on Twitter is great and getting responses on the content is even better. However, if you are not interacting with these responses in some way, then eventually they will stop. The key to the effective use of social media is in the title, ‘social’, therefore interacting with those that are appreciating your posts will go a long way. In the same respect, interacting on other people’s posts will encourage further interaction and significantly extend your audience reach.

On the other side of the coin, if someone has responded negatively to a post then it’s important to respond. A simple and friendly response that puts forward your side of the argument is a great way to highlight your professionalism. Virgin Trains is a fantastic example of this, as their social team does a fantastic job of not only highlighting the services on offer, but actively updates customers and respond to queries.

Create lists of influential people

Twitter has an amazing feature that allows you to group together influencers of your chosen industry, essentially creating its own news feed. This can help your business to stay on trend and share relevant content to your audience without the arduous task of trawling through numerous profiles. In adding these influencers to these lists you also gain their attention, encouraging further interaction between your brand and them.

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