Simian International’s YouTube receives astounding number of views

Simian International’s YouTube receives astounding number of views


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Over the last few weeks we have been monitoring our client, Simian International’s YouTube page as one of their videos was nearing a very big milestone and they have hit it! Simian’s scaffold inspection video in Hindi has reached an astounding 100k views.

The videos on Simian International’s YouTube page were filmed by the Entyce team and show effective methods, best practice and discussion of scaffolding safety best practice. The videos are a hit with scaffolding professionals across the globe, and you can clearly see by the comments left that they truly help people working within the industry.

Take a look at the video below or explore Simian International’s successful YouTube channel.

Importance of video marketing

Video marketing can have a significant impact on the success of a business’ marketing strategy. Research has shown that a landing page that contains a video is 53% more likely to show in page one of search engine results and blogs that contain a video are three times more likely to be linked to on social media. So, whether it is a testimonial, tutorial or promotional video your audience is likely to engage with your company much more than they would with other marketing methods.

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