Strategise your social media


Head of Operations

Social media changes so quickly that it is always worth reviewing. Yes the most popular platforms have been around for a while but they have changed so much over time and are constantly evolving so now is definitely a good time to think about what 2016 might hold for social media.

Often when we talk about social media and predictions we think about new platforms and what will be the next big thing. We are looking at how social media will change and evolve in the coming year, there could be new platforms that make it big next year but who knows? We believe the practical approach is to think about existing platforms, how they are developing and your strategy for how you use them. It is always important to keep an eye out for new platforms but adapting to newcomers will be easier if you already have a strong strategy in place.

Here are our predictions for social trends to look out for in 2016.

Organic visibility

We predict that social media marketers will need to work harder than ever and be more creative to get their brands noticed. Platforms like Facebook have made in increasingly difficult for brands to be seen without paying for advertising and this is likely to continue. Good organic visibility is what we are all striving for, achieving it will take planning, creativity and hard work.

Live Streaming

Real time and live streaming has really taken off in 2015 thanks to Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat and is set to continue to grow in 2016. Facebook is embracing this new trend with Facebook Live Broadcasts. If you haven’t already, then you should probably be thinking about how you could include live streaming in your strategy.


Privacy is going to continue to be a significant issue. Any organisation not taking the privacy of its customers/ audience seriously is likely to find itself in very hot water.

Social search

Facebook has announced it is increasing its search function and Pinterest has launched its visual search feature. Search is moving beyond the traditional search engines and search within social media is likely to be a big deal next year.

Inbound messages

Inbound messages via social media are increasing. Savvy consumers have realised that social can be the quickest route to a satisfactory response to a query or complaint. This is an area that businesses need to plan for. The boundaries between marketing and customer service are blurred in a social environment. People expect a timely response and brands need to be aware that if they don’t get the response right with timely 1:1 engagement it can be detrimental to their brand.

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