Top 10 tips for growing your Twitter following


Social Media Executive

Twitter is one of the most popular marketing platforms used across many different industries in a bid to gain more business and increase brand awareness. With over 328 million active users currently on Twitter, it would be wise to fully take advantage of gaining more followers on your account.


Many businesses struggle to gain more followers organically, it requires attention to detail and a continuous effort. We have put together our top 10 tips for increasing your Twitter following.

How to increase your Twitter following

  1. Posting regularly

This is the most important to retaining and gaining followers, it shows you are credible and are clued up on the industry in which you operate in.

Using software such as HootSuite allows you to schedule posts in advance to ensure you have updates sending regularly.

  1. Share news relevant to your audience

News is one of the most retweeted types of content, creating tweets relevant to your target audience will boost your followers.

To ensure you don’t miss the latest news from your industry we recommend setting up Google Alerts that will let you know when an article has been written based on the keyword of your choice.

  1. Hashtag

Use trending hashtags to reach the maximum amount of people. Include campaign specific hashtags to engage with your audience and create conversation online eg. CocaCola used “#ShareACoke with …” this engaged their customers and prompted people to buy a bottle.

  1. @mention users within your Tweets

Especially for smaller brands if you have used their content to inform your audience. This will not only enhance followers but they may return the favour one day and retweet you.

  1. Stay on topic and on trend

Sounds simple, but Twitter is a fast-moving social network so keeping an eye on what is currently trending on and within your industry will keep you one step ahead of your audience and improve your chances of gaining new follows.

  1. Participate in local business hours

There are many accounts on Twitter which help to promote your business locally and nationally, for example, #chesterhour is every Tuesday evening at 8 pm where local new and existing businesses share their services and company news. Not only will this increase your brand awareness but gain followers from local businesses.

  1. Always be ready to engage

This is a great way to engage with your Twitter followers on a deeper level and always follow those that Tweet you. Create a Twitter list which can be kept private – this is where you can group together people of interest in one feed where you can take part in Twitter chats.

  1. Make it easy for people to follow

Add a follow button to your website or blog making it easy for people to follow you. You can also add a plugin to your site which will embed your Twitter stream, these will encourage your audience to Tweet your content and attract new followers.

  1. Cross promote

Promoting your Twitter handle from all your other social accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn with a link straight to the page will entice people to follow you. Mention that you are talking about something of interest and that you would like to hear their thoughts.

  1. Use visual content

Research suggests Tweets accompanied with a visual are 18% more engagement than those with no image. It also gives you higher levels of engagement with your followers.


Increasing your Twitter followers involves posting relevant content regularly, as well as engaging with your audience. With this effort, you will see an increase in followers over time, don’t expect this to happen overnight. If you would like to see quicker results and have the budget we would advise exploring Twitter ads.

If you would like help increasing your followers or management of social accounts, speak to Entyce today.