Twitter introduces a poll feature.

We’ve all been asked for opinions on twitter.  Depending on the diversity of your following it can be a great barometer.  However it has previously involved a fairly clumsy approach.  How many times have you seen a tweet that asks you to favourite to answer YES and retweet for NO?  Well the good news is things are about to get more sophisticated for those using twitter to canvas for opinion.

The polls feature will be available to everyone.  Businesses with a sizeable following on twitter will no doubt find it useful as a research tool which could help them with everything from product development to learning about customer satisfaction levels.

Twitter Poll

I’m sure it will be a useful tool but I think it could also be quite irritating.  Until the novelty wears off I can see it being overused for questions that range from the sublime to the ridiculous…

What should I eat for lunch? Cheese & pickle or egg & cress?  Should I name my new puppy Toby or Rover?  Frankly who cares?  For those working in social media and marketing it will create a new way of engaging with their twitter audience.

Industry insiders have said the polls will be limited to two answers, however if they prove popular we’re sure this will increase at some stage to incorporate multiple choices.

Once created a poll will remain live for 24 hours.   Votes will be anonymous so you won’t be able to see how an individual voted.  The number of votes cast in a poll will be visible along with the percentage of votes for each answer.

Look out for the new poll icon, (which looks like a pie chart) when you compose a tweet and you can start asking questions.