A typical working day for Carys

A typical working day for Carys


Head of Operations

Take a look at what our Social Media Executive Carys’ day consists of at Entyce.

Name: Carys Fieldhouse

Job Title: Social Media Executive

Where were you born: Wrexham

Where do you live now: Wrexham

Describe a typical working day for you:

I usually wake up at 7:20am, get ready for work and have breakfast which is usually cereal and a cup of coffee. I leave the house by 8.10, I travel to work by car and always get stuck in the usual traffic on the bypass – which I am now used to!

I arrive at work around 8.45 to start my day. My work consists of creating social media plans for our clients and making sure they are scheduled as well as managed on a daily basis. I work on various accounts in a range of sectors so each day consists of a different industry! As well as managing business pages at Entyce we manage a lot of individual’s LinkedIn pages, so you may be speaking with me or someone in our team without even knowing it! 🙂

Around half 12 I go for lunch which is usually half an hour but I normally eat at my desk but also go to Waitrose if I haven’t brought my lunch to work. I leave between 5 pm and 5.30pm and it normally takes about 25 mins depending on the traffic leaving Chester.

In the evenings, I try and get to the gym about 3 times a week, I always cook for myself and my boyfriend Craig, we try to stay as healthy as possible! I go to bed around 9ish and watch a bit of TV and keep an eye on all the many social media accounts. Never a dull moment with all the notifications on my phone, but I love it.

How long does it take you to travel to work? Around 35 minutes with traffic

What do you wear to work? Smart but casual, normally jeans with a top and cardigan & always a necklace.

What is your favourite thing about going to work? Working with lots of different clients is really exciting and it’s so different every day. Also, working with all my team is fun and we all get on really well.

Do you have a favourite website design? I like the Peel Solutions website that we designed, it’s easy to navigate around and I like the blue colour scheme.

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch? Normal something warmed up in the microwave. I always have a banana mid- morning to keep me going until lunch!

What is your favourite social media platform? Instagram

What is your favourite font? Century Gothic because we use it on all Entyce docs.

What are you most famous for at Entyce? Asking ‘What you having for tea’ we have this conversation every day.

Where do you have your lunch at work? Sometimes at my desk and sometimes downstairs in the kitchen.

Who would your dream client be? I think someone like Nando’s because I love food!

What’s your favourite book? I am not a big reader so can’t really answer this one!

Who really makes the best cup of tea at work? I’m going to have to say, Ginny

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