A typical working day for Mirain


Social Media Executive

Take a look at what our Designer Mirain’s day consists of at Entyce.

Job Title: Designer

Where were you born: St. Asaph

Where do you live now: Denbigh

I wake up at 7 am, get ready and have breakfast, which is usually granola with fruit and plain yoghurt with a mug of green tea.

When I arrive at work the first thing I do is go through my tasks and check my emails. I discuss the tasks I’ve got on for the day with Paul so he is aware of the projects I will be working on. I get to work on a broad spectrum of projects which involves designing for both print and web e.g. marketing materials, visual infographics, updating web pages, branding and illustrations.

In the evenings I go running twice a week and take my dog out for a walk. I then have my tea and catch up with my family and friends.

Mirain    Mirain2


How long does it take you to travel to work? Around 45 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic.

What do you wear to work? I tend to wear black trousers with a jumper or a top and cardigan.

What is your favourite thing about going to work? Every day I get to work on a different exciting project. I enjoy learning new design skills and working closely with the team.

Do you have a favourite website design? I like the Zodeq website as it is so different to other financing companies with the fun images and the vibrant colour scheme. The functionality of the website is simple and effective too!

I also like the Zizzi Italian website as it has fun vibrant illustrations and lots of nice food photography!

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch?

I tend to have a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and water. If I haven’t made my lunch, I go to Waitrose and tend to buy too much food!

What is your favourite social media platform? Instagram

What is your favourite font? I use a variety of different fonts every day so It’s very difficult to pick one! A few of my favourites are Raleway, Montserrat, Asap.

What are you most famous for at Entyce? Not being great at parallel parking!

Where do you have your lunch at work? Kitchen and I try and go for a walk.

Who would your dream client be? A coffee company or a holiday company.

What’s your favourite book? I’m not a big reader, I do read the Daily Mail Showbiz on my lunch which I don’t think counts!

Who really makes the best cup of tea at work? I don’t really drink tea, but Carys makes a great cup of coffee.