A typical working day for Olivia


Social Media Executive

Find out what Olivia gets up to in a typical day at Entyce!

Name: Olivia

Job Title: Head of marketing

Where were you born: Wrexham, North Wales

Where do you live now: Marford

IMG_6184 olivia-bethencourt-joins-entyce

Describe a typical working day for you:

My alarm goes off at 6.45 and then it is a rush to get ready and drop my little boy off before I head to the office.  I take the scenic route to work to avoid the traffic and on a sunny day the scenery is beautiful.  My working day usually starts with a coffee while I take a look at what I need to do that day.

My work is as varied as our client base so one morning I might be writing an article about cheese pairings one minute and then I could be researching the latest government legislation on tax avoidance the next. The wide variety is one of the things I really enjoy about my job.  I also usually spend some time reviewing content that has been created by the rest of the team, this could be social media plans, enewsletters or copy for a completely new website.

Lunch for me can be any time after 12, I tend to take a lunch break when I’m hungry or have just finished working on something and want to take a break from my screen.  Some days I might have meetings with clients and some days involve researching and coming up with new content ideas for clients.

Once I’ve finished work I go straight to collect my little boy and then it’s time to get home and think about dinner.  We share the cooking at home so some days I’ll cook, if I’m not cooking I usually spend some time drawing or reading with my son before I start trying to persuade him it’s his bedtime!

How long does it take you to travel to work? It depends on traffic but should take me around half an hour.

What do you wear to work?  It depends, it’s quite a relaxed office so I do wear jeans and a top but sometimes I’ll opt for a dress.

What is your favourite thing about going to work?  The Entyce team of course!

Do you have a favourite website design?   I think I’d have to choose the Zodeq website, they were a brand new business and really open to our designer’s ideas for their new brand. The site strikes the perfect balance between showing their brand personality and conveying the professional services they offer.

On a typical day, what do you have for lunch? I like to pop out and get some fresh air so I usually go and buy a sandwich.  Unless it’s a Deliveroo Friday!

What is your favourite social media platform?  Twitter

What is your favourite font? Call me dull but I’d have to say Arial

What are you most famous for at Entyce? Hmmm, talking about food, but then that’s not just me the whole content team are obsessed!

Where do you have your lunch at work? I shouldn’t be I know, but I’m guilty of eating at my desk.

Who would your dream client be? A really nice restaurant or luxury holiday company.

What’s your favourite book? There are too many to pick just one.

Who really makes the best cup of tea at work?  I couldn’t possibly say.